Menashe Miller to Serve as Mayor of Lakewood for 2014

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menashe-millerLakewood, NJ – Menashe Miller will serve as mayor of the town of Lakewood, NJ, for the third time in four years, as he is sworn in this morning.

Isaac Akerman, who had served as mayor in 2013 and was re-elected two months ago for a new three-year term, will serve as deputy mayor.

The position of mayor is a ceremonial one, though the mayor runs the township committee meetings and sets the meeting agendas.

Lakewood is the largest municipality in Ocean County and the seventh-most populous in the state of New Jersey.

Miller has served as a committeeman on the Lakewood township committee for many years and also serves in the United States Air Force Reserves as a chaplain, where he holds the rank of Major.

Miller first ran as a Republican in the 2003 elections and won a seat on the Lakewood Township committee. He served as a committeeman through 2009, having won the election in 2006 and 2009. In 2010 he was chosen by his fellow committeemen to serve as the deputy mayor under then-mayor Steven Langert. The following year, 2011, the township committee voted him in as mayor, with Steven Langert serving as the deputy mayor. Miller was again elected by the township committee as the mayor for the year of 2012, with Isaac Akerman serving as the deputy mayor. In 2013, Ackerman took over as mayor.

Akerman and Miller serve on the Lakewood township committee together with Steven Langert, Ray Coles, and Meir Lichtenstein, who is a Hatzolah volunteer.

In 2002, Miller joined the Air Force Reserves as a commissioned officer, beginning with the rank of Second Lieutenant. In 2003 he attended officer training school at Maxwell Air Force Base in Alabama and graduated as a First Lieutenant. He was promoted to captain in 2004, and is a member of the 87th Air Base Wing. On November 21, 2010, he began a six-week tour of duty in Iraq. Following the tour of duty, Miller received a promotion to Major. In mid-December 2011, he was again deployed, this time to Qatar. He served in Qatar for the last two weeks of December, and arrived back in America in time for his re-inauguration as mayor.

At today’s event, which will take place at Lakewood Municipal Building, following the pledge of allegiance, the National Anthem, the invocation and a prayer for armed servicemen, officials will be sworn into office and the township committee will pass numerous resolutions, announce appointments to municipal boards and committees, and fill a variety of other municipal posts. The committeeman will also share their thoughts and thank various individuals who have been helpful to them personally and to the Township in general.

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  1. Thank you Menashe. You’re a true Kiddush Hashem. A mentch who sincerely wants to better the lives for the citizens Lakewood. You’re widely respected by Jews and Non-Jews alike…

    There are always going to be those who bash any elected official, but as you know- you can’t make everyone happy. Keep up your good work!


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