Mentors Mission To Eretz Yisroel To Be Held December 25-30


246a0314This December 25-30th, Ohr Somayach International will once again be running its Winter Mentors Mission to Eretz Yisroel. This unique program pairs up baalei habatim from across North America with unaffiliated college students who have come to Eretz Yisroel to find out more about their heritage. Mentors are each paired with a couple of students and delve into a sugya together each morning. During the rest of the day, exciting trips such as ATV’ing, Archery, Blind and Deaf Museum, Underground Bullet Factory, Mearas Hamachpeila, Mentors visit to Gedolim in Bnei Brak are planned. These trips, along with inspirational events such as a late night Kumzitz at Baba Sali’s _mg_1399kever, lively Melava Malka near Kever Dovid with the Simply Tsfat Band, Friday night davening at the Kosel and thought provoking lectures by Ohr Somayach’s kiruv luiminaries help develop that special bond between mentors and students; a bond that can last for years and serve as an important catalyst in the growth of the students.

The mark that is left on the students, who are exposed to successful, intelligent businessmen that run extremely busy lives outside of the Bais Medrash yet still have their lives not only dictated by Torah but also enhanced by it, is something that opens up their eyes and makes them realize that Torah is not only a subject matter, it is a way of life. They also feel that being a Torahdike businessman is a realistic goal for them.

This Mission, Shabbos will in Yerushalayim with the seudos taking place at the Zvill Hall. Mentors and students alike have related that they have never experienced the kind of ruach like the ruach on the Mentors Mission Shabbos. It is difficult to know if it is the ruach, the relationships, the inspiration, the great mmsummer2014-5564times or the feelings of impacting other neshamos in the biggest way- that causes so many mentors to keep coming back and so many others to join. Perhaps it is all of the above and more. To participate in this one of a kind experience, please contact Rabbi Binyomin Schonblum at 908-216-4470 or

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  1. i personally went on the mission two summers ago and it was an unbelievable experience. The mark that it left on me has been tremendous. I am hopeful i can join on future missions. It really allows you to come away with such a great feeling of pride and accomplishment as well as an opportunity to uplift yourself spiritually.

  2. A very chashuva program led by a very chashuva ben torah. R’ Binyomin is one of the most dynamic and talented people in the world of Kiruv and has left his imprint on scores of non affiliated teenagers.

  3. R’ Binyomins ability to pull this mission together and inspire our wayward fellow yidden is mamish incredible. When he speaks you won’t hear a Pim Drop. He pulls together mmm’s (mentors mission malachim) and has them take precious time out of their schedules to do avodas hakodesh. I’ve known Binyomin since Tuf Raish… and he’s a real Yedid and Askan. Kol Hakavod

  4. This comment is for boruch bangenbrunner. are we by any chance related? i spell my last name differently but its possible that our families are related.

  5. Mentors do a great job. I know a guy who got really frum after going on a mission. He still learns with his mentee every day. And he puts teffilos on all the time. I wish the wonderful organization headed by Reb Binyomin Shonblum Shkiya tremendous zechussin

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