Meron Attendees Are Being Cautioned As Temperatures Set To Hit Nearly 100 Degrees

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Officials preparing for festivities in Meron this year are warning attendees to take extra measures of caution due the extreme weather forecast for Lag Ba’Omer.

The weather forecasters are expecting a heat wave to roll in on Tuesday, with temperatures on Thursday in Meron expected to hit one hundred degrees Farenheit.

Public officials are warning all the people intending to make the journey to be prepared for intense heat and to carry with them lots of liquids for hydration.

{ Israel News}


  1. Uh oh. Forget it. I’m not going this year. I’m staying home in my air conditioned house and I’m going to read a good book.

  2. Lag BaOmer is ALWAYS very hot here. Unfortunately, I never go and the weather is one reason. Go at night or late afternoon.


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