Meron Buses Backed Up: Thousands Stuck In Buses Forced To Daven On The Side Of The Road

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Giant traffic jams on the way to and from Meron left thousands stranded for hours as buses were brought in to deal with the masses of people who made the trek to Meron for Lag Be’Omer.

As a result of the traffic jams, thousands began marching by foot. Men, women and children all began making their way down the long roads with some stopping on the side to daven Shacharis.

Police asked the crowd coming to celebrate at the hillula to be patient when boarding buses or waiting and avoid being rushed for fear of endangering life. Many police forces are deployed throughout the area, and the police were available and determined everywhere to help the public.

The police used cavalry to bring order to the parking lots, where thousands of people were waiting for the buses to depart.



  1. Unreal!! I’m never sure if the police/dot are anti chareidi. Or Israel is just a REALLY DUMB country and have no idea how to do things smoothly. Without the heads of these depts. Getting sticky with each other, at the mercy of a few hundred thousand people. Grow up and get your acts together.

  2. When 500,000 are in one place…..getting them home should and would take over 48 hours. Anyone ever drive on the roads up to Tzefas and Meiron, 2 way traffic on one lane in each direction.

    If you decided to go to Meiron, REALIZE that returning back to your home will and should take at least 24 hours. Stop blaming police, bus drivers, security guards, etc. When a normal bus can transport maximum (without seating room or seat belts)of 75 people and start dividing that into 500,000…. and how long it will take for each bus to get to bnei brak, yerushalayim, elad, beer sheva, tel aviv, etc….

    You will be back home before next Shabbos for sure!


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