Meis Mitzvah with TWELVE Yesomim – Please Help the Family

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Mes Mitzva with TWELVE yesomim


Harav Binyomin Lubin ZTL who Los Angeles was Zoche to have as a guest for the last 8 months was Niftar today from the dreaded machla. Those who were privileged to see or meet him know what a special and Choshuv person he was. He always had a smile and a kind word for everyone he saw. He never once complained about how much pain he was in despite the extremely painful treatments he received for nearly 2 years from Doctors across the world.

Harav Binyomin Lubin ZTL lived a difficult life, he lost his first wife after she to was niftar from the dreaded illness. Reb Binyomin married his second wife and was zoche to TWELVE children with her. Nebach now there are 12 YESOMIM with one set to get married in less then a month. The youngest of the yesomim are TWIN FIVE YEAR OLD GIRLS R’L. This family has nothing. Not a penny for the painful journey back to Israel for these kids to bury their father who they haven’t seen in months nor a penny for food. We can not and will not turn our backs on one of our own locals.


Because of the current Corona situation there are no flights available to take this niftar back to his family so the cost and arrangements are extremely high.

Among the local people that grew close to Reb Binyomin ZTL were Rabbi Yonah Landau who was zoche to host Reb Binyomin ZTL during his stay, Rabbi Yosef Yitzchok Miller and Reb Yishai Polon looked after him and arranged everything he needed on a daily basis, Malkiel Gradon did his TPN nightly. He became a friend and Rebbe to all of us.

Please open your hearts to help this family survive this most painful and trying time.



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