Message from Councilman Chaim Deutsch On Tonight’s Curfew

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Message from Councilman Chaim Deutsch:

“I have received many concerned calls regarding tonight’s curfew, which is beginning at 8pm. I have been in touch with police officials to express concerns about the curfew limiting people’s ability to attend maariv or the mikvah. Cops will be instructed to allow for religious obligations and not issue summonses.

“If you should face an issue during curfew that requires my intervention, please immediately contact Flatbush Shomrim (718-338-9797), who will refer these calls directly to me. If you have any questions, contact me directly at”


  1. this is why we need frum politicians who CARE about us!!
    EVERYONE remember to file for absentee ballot in case you are away during the election
    you can get ballot online or by mail. tell all your friends, family and neighbors
    Obama is telling his community to start voting in local elections
    WE MUST ALL VOTE – its the most basic hishtadlus

  2. Why has Councilman Deutch been silent regarding the forced closure of our small businesses? Why is he silent while, we taxpayers lose our parnasa? We pay his salary! He works for us. We are his boss. Does he care about his constituents? This applies to all our elected officials. Stupid empty “statements” are meaningless. Actions speak louder than words. Very disappointed.


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