Message from Councilman Chaim Deutsch

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By Councilman Chaim Deutsch
As readers may have heard by now, I am running for United States Congress in NY-9. I’m running because it’s time for a frum voice in Congress. It’s time for our community to _finally_ elect someone who represents our values in Congress.

I’m running as a Democrat because that’s the only way to win in this district that is more than 80% Democratic. I can win, but only with *your* help. Our community must register to vote en masse as Democrats. I know it’s not easy to affiliate yourself with the Democratic Party of today, but please remember that only Democrats can vote in the Democratic primary. If you are registered as a Republican, you are effectively shut out of the most critical race. *If you are a registered Democrat, you can still vote Republican in every general election.*

My opponents in this race are anti-Israel, pro-BDS, and support pro-criminal measures like bail reform. The incumbent Congressmember voted for the Iran deal proudly, and signed onto letters condemning Israel on multiple occasions.

The numbers are there for me to win *if* and only *if* the frum community turns out to vote in the Democratic primary. Please – for the sake of our community’s future – register as a Democrat. Let’s show the city and the country that Southern Brooklyn *can* and *will* elect a conservative member.

Change your party registration here – _the deadline is fast approaching on February 14th_:

To support my candidacy (every dollar helps!):

⏱There are 1⃣9⃣ days left to change your party registration! ⏱


  1. Help chaim win!. He is the real deal!. Helped me with a big issue even before he was an elected official. He pulled off what no City Agency was willing to help me with.

  2. Why should we switch loyalties to the Democratic-Liberal party, which is against everything we observant Jews value? If Mr. Deutch wants our vote let him join the Republican-Conservative party which is much closer to our values.

  3. A vote for Democrats is a for the Left, for Satan. A frum person should have no business being a Democrat. At the rate the Democrats were going the last 3 years, any Democrat Jew is making a chillul Hashem. Democrats are a danger to society and should be voted out of office ALL OVER THE COUNTRY. If he’s a frum G-D FEARING person, instead of trying to convince naive Jews to change the party registration to Democrat, HE IS THE ONE WHO OUGHT TO CHANGE to Republican. According to Wikileaks over 87% Democrats are corrupt and criminals and will be arrested – and we see it clearly.

  4. YL – the answer is that a Republican has no chance of winning. If you switch to the Democratic party, you can vote for Deutsch who will bring conservative values to this position, and you can vote republican for every other race if you so desire- a true win/win situation and an advancement for conservative values


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