Message To All Those Attending Anti-Vaxxer Event In Flatbush Tonight: DRESS NICELY

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Concerned individuals have an important message to all those planning on attending the anti-vaxxer event at Ateres Chynka in Flatbush tonight:


A team of 4 photographers has been hired and will be photographing every individual attending this event, and will be publishing every image on social media. Our community deserves to know which parents are not vaccinating so we can properly protect our families.

Please dress nicely, and smile for the cameras on your way into the event.

THE ABOVE MESSAGE IS A PAID ADVERTISEMENT BY THE C.F.E.A.V.F.O.S. (Committee For Exposing Anti Vaxxers For Our Safety)


      • Renting means endorsing. You would never rent to the KKK, despite that these days they don’t present much of a threat to Jews, the way these chevra do.

    • This committee of mosrim is making a big chillul Hashem and they will have to answer for their sina against fellow Jews. Their hatred for their fellow Jews will only backfire, may contribute to more tragedies in our communities, c”v. The Ribbono Shel Oilam destroyed the B”h due to sinas Chinam. And every time we hurt a yid, we destroy it again. STOP THE HATE!

  1. Chynka MUST MUST cancel this event. The anti-vaxxers are in the category of Rotzchim and must be stopped.
    Call Chynka today.

    • It’s parents like you who are too dumb to do the minimum investigation who are the Rotzchim for killing your own children and trying to pull others into your detrimental net. Getting information from Big Pharma’s salesmen, aka CDC, or discussing it with your private doctor who did not do any research, is not considered investigating. Just the fact that doctors in Israel who did investigate are fired, and well-educated and rich people do NOT vaccinate as you can find all over the net, should give you a clue what vaccination is all about.

      • The investigation has been done by every parent who vaccinates.
        Its simple. And nothing to do with Pharma or CDC, these are facts.
        Until wholesale vaccination loads of kids (and some adults) got the measles , all suffered greatly, some died. (including someone real close to me.) And please please dont ever say that it is only measles you will get over it. Our family has never got over it.
        Since wholesale vaccination measles was nearly wiped out and very few people died .
        Since the baloney report (discredited) about autism, more kids getting it again some have died.
        Which part of this do the anti vaxxers NOT understand.

    • Ever heard of freedom of expression? Let them do their thing and we should come out in the thousands to rally against them. Stop using strong arm tactics.

    • No, the pure hatred is coming from those attending tonight’s event…hatred for life, for their fellow Yidden, and for normalcy.

  2. Hope there will be a huge anti-vax intelligent turnout holding signs: “We are not sheeple.” “We will not be led like sheep to the slaughter.” “We do not have to poison our children to protect yours.” “Our life takes precedence over yours. We will not risk our child’s health for your child.”

  3. Maybe I’m just going to hear the reid but I vaccinate my kids. I don’t want my picture all over. Is it legal anyway?

    • NY is a single party consent state. Which means, that like it or not I can video you every day from when you leave your house until you are safely back on private property.
      Sick as it sounds unless you have a serious backing for a stalking allegation I can do that every single day if that is what I want.

  4. Is intimidation legal? Is bullying allowed? Are we allowed to be mivazeh someone we disagree with? If we disagree with someone, are we allowed to do whatever we feel like? What about kashrus, shidduchim, Orlando, giyus, wearing colored shirts, chalav stam, long shaitels, otd’s, etc etc…?

    • Very well said. The next time a group doesnt like what he or she does, there will be a group of photographers. Let’s stop harrassment and bullying.

      We can however rally and tell the world that we believe and do VACCINATE our kids.

    • Er.. If they are trying to harm you, such as expose you to obsolete diseases, then yes, you can and should be mevazeh them. As much as possible.

  5. 1. I am vaccinated and so are my kids and grandchildren.

    2. I dont believe in stopping any group from meeting, it’s called “freedom of speech”.

    3. All the Rabbonim that are against this should organize a mass rally in front of Chynka bring 5000 people, let’s tell the world WE DO VACCINATE and that this group is a minority.

    4. I’m not into posting pictures of people that go there, it’s called harrassment.

    5. Post the names of Rabbonim that gave you permission to do this.

    Wishing Y’all a great Yom-Tov.

  6. Regardless of your option on vaccines this is a new low of the pro vaxxers and Matzav is going along with with SICK!!

  7. Why are the pro-vaxxers getting so uptight? If you believe that vaccinations work, so go and get vaccinated, and you won’t have to worry about catching the measles.

    Oh, people are getting vaccinated, and still are catching the measles? So that means that the vaccinations don’t work!

      • the vaccination works at about 97% if everyone gets 2 shots I believe which means that 3% of people are not immune and there are some people who cannot be vaccinated. Also people who were vaccinated before 1987 only received one shot so there is a chance they are not immue which is why they are recommending people who were vaccinated before 1987 be titred. Therefore there are many people who were vaccinated who are getting the measles. If everyone was vaccinated it would not spread so easily so any outbreak would be limited to 1 or 2 people, but because of anti vaxxers there are clusters of not immure people who are spreading it and those who were vaccinated sometimes catch it because they are exposed. The more people vaccinated the less likely it will spread. The anti vaxxers put us all at risk

        • Ridiculous comparison. Apples and oranges.
          Doctors are usually good at emergency medical interventions.
          But this practical medical know how, has nothing to do with vaccines, where they merely parrot what Big Pharma tells them to say.

  8. @some good signs…

    You are right you dont have to risk your kids health so keep them at home!
    Once you take them outside you ARE responsible not to be a mazek.

  9. I am pro vax. Duh. I am also anti-harass(ment) duh. Matzav why do you get to post silly things just because it is paid by 3rd party?

  10. is this really necessary? You all know who we are already. our kids were out of school for half the winter. REMEMBER???

  11. Ateres Chynka is a Frum establishment with Frum employees. The building is also owned by a very choshuva Yeshiva. No one has a right to damage someone’s parnasa or reputation just because you disagree with their viewpoints. I guess hilchos lashan hara doesn’t apply to these protesters and Very shameful.

  12. money money money
    thats why they post
    i bet this is just a scare tactic. no one is hiring photographers.
    there will be heavy security at the event and they will not be letting any photographers into the building.
    this is a private event.

    • You obviously can’t read. They said they will be photoing people walking in and out.
      Fine, dress like a shloch.

      • don’t worry, i wore my finest wedding dress just in case they would photograph me. had my makeup done too.
        hope i got into some pics.

  13. @IsraelReader

    Obviously you realize that some people who got vaccinated may not be fully protected because of various drugs and other health issues. Also old people, kids under 1, people who are sick and have weak Immune systems will catch it very easily.

    So stop being selfish, stop being a mazek, your actions do matter and you ARE responsible for other peoples health.
    If you are scared to get vaccinated then stay at home. Would you be walking around if you had another contagious disease?

  14. I’m still quite confused about all this… I vaccinate all my kids and myself but I do it mainly because I live with Daas Torah and thats what I was told to do. On the other hand, I do it with a bit of confusion since I do understand both sides of the argument. Simulatenously I think the twisted explanations of these women speaking to major news stations is a complete chillul hashem specifically because they keep on bringing in the “spiritual leader” excuse which is very misleading. I still don’t agree and haven’t heard any of the Rabbanim that are against the Anti Vaxxers saying that you need to shame these parents and speak lashon horah about them. I also don’t see why a hall should be intimidated when it does not mean that they endorse it; they wouldve found another hall anyway….

  15. I hope to be there.
    You may think us anti vaxxers are wrong, but ridicule and shaming is no way to win us over.
    How dare you publish threats to publicly smear fellow Yidden?
    Enjoy your days here on earth because there has got to be a special place in gehenom for losers who boast about shaming Jews in public. Hey matzav, you used your forum for this filth. Hope you are allowed to keep reporting on the ‘matzav’ live from hell. .

  16. Nobody is taking your picture to shame you, you believe you didn’t do anything wrong. They are taking your picture because you refuse to protect my immunosupressed sister, so i need to know how to protect her from you. If you kept your distance, i wouldn’t care who you are.
    You dont have to like it, but at least be honest in your objections.

  17. Please realize that if any of you out there are pregnant ir have children who are pregnant, their babies cannot be vaccinated until they are 6 months old. They can DIE from the measles. Stop screaming at the other nations of the world for allowing late term abortion and start saving OUR JEWISH BABIES FROM BEING MURDERED by chas v’shalom being exposed to the measles before they have the ability to fight it properly. If someone took a hammer to a newborn’s head, you’d all shriek in horror. But killing a baby by giving it the measles? Meh… not soo scary.. Stop and drop what you’re smoking, and vaccinate. Or be a rodef and lose your chelek in olam habah. To kill or not to kill. That’s the question.

    • i can say the same the same thing about vaccines. vaccines can potentially cause death in a baby. in a newborn, in a 2 month old, and at any age. check vaers reports. babies have died from vaccines.

  18. Let’s set the record straight. The only chillul Hashem around here is the Sinas Chinam. Last I checked that was not coming from the pro-vaccine-choice camp.

  19. Is there any halachic basis that if an unvaccinated person is spraeding a disease should be considered a mazik? I don’t think the is any basis in halacha to be mischayev as a mazik if it not done directly surely and intentionally.
    Loshen horeh and sines chinum is defenitely osur. What low level we have reach. Shockingly unbelievable. Every am heoretz who can blog online became a posek hador in today’s are.


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