Mevazeh Gedolim? Not Here

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matzav_networkDear readers,

Over the last few days, our moderators have had to reject literally hundreds of comments from readers.

It is no secret that there are two strongly held opinions regarding today’s protest in Manhattan. Regardless of what one feels or who one follows, it should be clear that if a reader has come to this site,, to denigrate gedolim and rabbonim, whoever they may be and whichever side of the issue they are on, the reader has come to the wrong place.

Unfortunately, there are other “Orthodox-run” sites where people can freely issue their opinions about gedolim, roshei yeshiva, rabbonim and virtually anyone else without moderation. Not here. Please bear that in mind as you leave comments to be posted.

Thank you.

The Editors


  1. Thank you for taking a stand against those who are Mevazeh our Manhigim. Hopefully the ban on these types of comments will be adopted by other sites as well. It would be even better if the ban on negative comments is not only reserved for Gedolim, Roshei Yeshiva and Rabbonim but it is also reserved for every tzelem Elokim – every frum yid. Let us stop the bashing and start to accept / forgive/ ignore / move on. Yesterdays Parsha and all of the meforshim must be a wake up call for all of us.

  2. the question is: what are we doing about the “frum” people who run sites that are mevazeh rebbes, gedolim etc. WHy do allow them to remain in our communites? WHy are their kids still in our schools?

  3. Ein huchi nami! Very good what your doing. Like you’ve said, there are 2 dayos regarding the protest & each individual should follow his Rav/Rebbe without the need to attack the other side.
    The ekur is to attack Lapid & his cronies for bringing all these tzaros upon us.

  4. If this web site was operating during Korach time ,would this web site ,write what Korach did?Dont forget he was a ‘HAGADOL,’ he had followers. The point I am trying to make, ANYONE THAT DOES NOT FOLLOW HASHEM’S WAYS,REGARDLESS OF OF HOW MANY FOLLOWERS THEY HAVE ,PEOPLE MUST STAND UP AND SAY THAT IS NOT THE WAY OF THE TORA.MAY HASHEM SEND MESHEACH NOW.

  5. This is precisely why THIS is my only source for news!
    No radio! NO other Yiddishe news place! And yes Matzav, here and there you’ll make a mistake too! Big deal! Overall you aremore careful and caring; you are much more scrupulous to deliver it to us correctly!
    Thank you Matzav for keeping our news source kosher!


  7. mATZAV, YOU GUYS aren’t perfect, but I must say that you are clearly heads and shoulders above anyone else, and for that you deserve credit
    so continue getting better, and maybe one day you will be perfect

  8. It’s very unfortunate that voicing opinions and questions is considered Chas veshalom being mevazeh and one has to go to less careful sites to discuss….
    (Probably won’t be posted)

  9. I fully support this approach. However you must be consistent with the support you give to Rabbonim of non-chariedi sects and their leaders. The moderators have not been consistent and going forward is an opportunity to show respect to other groups leaders such as from Zionistic and YU groups. Otherwise you are hypocritical and feed divide in our community. Here is your chance-

  10. I agree with all of the above. Whomever your Gadol is, respect all others, even if you disagree with a specific stance
    However I want to correct”oy vey” All Jews are created in Tzelem Elokim and they should be treated with respect even if they may not match up to what you call a “frum yid”

    Everyone watch how we speak about one another, Gedolim and Amcha

  11. Thank u. Thank u. Thank u. The so called Orthodox sites that are full of Lashon harah will have a lot to answer after 120. Just remember that just because a site address has some Yiddish in it does not even remotely make it permissible to read.

  12. Just to clarify – Yes every Yid is a Tzelem Elokim and must be respected as such. However, there is certainly a difference between a Yid who doesn’t know better and the Yid who thinks he does. Hashem loves every Yid but still needs to punish those that act / speak or any other adjective against the Torah. Korach was also considered in his time to be great by so many people but his logic was twisted, his leadership based on gaiva and his opinions were not what Hashem wanted so he and his followers were swallowed up alive. (Sure settled that argument pretty clearly). It should be a lesson to us all that in fact there IS a difference between Yiddin in the eyes of Hashem. There is no equality across the board. We are not able to decide who is more or less Choshuv in the eyes of hashem but it is wrong to think every Yid is equal.

    There is NO compromise when it comes to Torah and there is no other opinion. Of course you can have a Hillel and Shamai, Abaya and Rava, The Gra and the Ramoh, the Chaon ish and R’ Moshe, R’ Shlomo Zlaman and R’ Elyashuv who cal argue in Psak, argue in nuances within Halacha but they never argued about the fundamentals of Yiddishkeit and never compromised in any way.

    Wake up people. Womens lib started because women wanted to be like men and insisted they be treated equally to men. Look what has become of that. Yidden who are not frum and know better but choose not to go that route are not equal to the yid who is a true eved Hashem. They want to be equal and claim we should accept them as an equal but they are not. We do not need another “ground breaking” like by Korach……or perhaps we do.

  13. I started coming around a few weeks ago, when you were the only ‘Jewish’ source that called out Mr. Dov Lipman for his anti-Torah stand. The more I read, the mre I like. YOu have my vote for the best Jewish News Poratl around!

  14. I am so proud to be a
    . You shine as the only site that holds up the banner of Torah! Thank You Matzav!

  15. “The moderators have not been consistent and going forward is an opportunity to show respect to other groups leaders such as from Zionistic and YU groups.”

    Well said. Matzav has in the past not only allowed comments, but also articles, that are full of lashan hara and motzi shem ra about Religious Zionist and Modern Orthodos rabbis. I hope this new policy is applied across the board. Just because you have a different hashkafah does not mean that issurim are waived.

  16. “The moderators have not been consistent and going forward is an opportunity to show respect to other groups leaders such as from Zionistic and YU groups.”

    It sure is consistent. If YU releases a statement to the New York Times and to television stations declaring that their Rosh Yeshiva’s words (RHS) do not represent the view of YU, and are very troubling – then YU has clearly declared that this is the proper way for their Rosh Hayeshiva to be treated. Why would you want commentators to behave otherwise???


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