Mevo Modi’im Family: “We need to start from nothing”

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Smoke filled the sky of Israel on May 23 as fires raged across the country, flames spreading easily in the hot and dry weather.  Despite intense firefighting efforts in the Ben Shemen Forest, Moshav Mevo Modi’im was destroyed. 70 families were evacuated and, as a temporary measure, housed in empty yeshiva dormitories.
Today, more than a month later, there is no permanent situation in sight. Avi and Sima Sorias, whose parents are among the founding members of the Moshav, are among the displaced families. They are currently housed in an empty dormitory in Kibbutz Chafetz Chaim, but as a large family with 6 children the situation is untenable for the Sorias family.
“We have no privacy and no possessions of our own,” says Sima in a heartbreaking video, “Our home is gone, our albums and all our memories are gone.”
Having lost everything they owned, the blow to their dignity is perhaps more severe: forced to borrow the most simple clothing items, to sleep in dorms  and eat from others’ groceries, the Sorias family want, most simply, to go home – but there is no home for them to return to. Donations are being raised in hopes of rebuilding their home and giving the Sorias family a roof over their head.



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