Mexican Lawmaker Climbs Border Fence to Show That a Wall is ‘Absurd’

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Mexican congressman Braulio Guerra, who represents the state of Queretaro, tweeted photos and a video of himself on top of a 30-foot tall fence on the U.S.-Mexican border to demonstrate that a border wall is “totally absurd.”

He said in the video: “I was able to scale it, climb it, and sit myself right here. It would be simple for me to jump into the United States, which shows that it is unnecessary and totally absurd to build a wall.” He added, “It’s easy, and it shows how unnecessary this project, this political rhetoric from Donald Trump, is.”


  1. Always good to test a thing to see what modifications are necessary. There seems to be no “frills” atop this fence to ward off climbers, but now such additions will no doubt be written into the blueprints, if they weren’t there already. Thanks, Guerra!

  2. Please dont bother us with facts. Republicans are in charge now!
    Its not about keeping anybody out its about having a silly rallying cry to round up the sheep.
    “build that wall ” “lock her up” etc

  3. Whether you love President Trump or hate him, here are a few simple questions:
    1) How is building a wall to stem a non-stop flood of illegal (not “undocumented, but illegal) immigrants from coming into the U.S. a bad thing, either morally or legally?
    2) Do those who oppose the wall believe that we should simply open our borders and allow any and all immigrants into our country?
    3) Why should someone who broke our laws while entering our country be rewarded with permission to stay? I understand that in some cases (such as children born and raised in the U.S.) there are humanitarian concerns, but aren’t we in effect allowing criminals to keep their ill-gotten gains if we simply allow illegals to stay? Aren’t we telling those who legally apply to come here and wait “Sorry, suckers – now get to the end of the line”?

    • Glad to help!
      1) because it is expensive >20 billion dollars and wont help
      2) No
      3) for lots of reasons. the main one is the humanitarian concern you correctly identify. OTehrs include that out economy needs them.

      • 1) Because it’s expensive it’s bad legally or morally? Similar fences worked in Israel (b”H) Germany and other places. Why and how can you say with certainty it won’t work here?
        2) Good.
        3) The economy doesn’t need them for their spending, so you must mean we need their cheap labor. That’s a very poor reason to reward the guilty and punish the innocent for breaking our laws. It’s also immoral to allow a permanent underclass of illegals serve us at low pay for our convenience. I further disagree with your premise regardless – we’d pay menial laborers a bit more, but we could handle it; McDonalds and other low-wage jobs have plenty of legal American citizens working there.

  4. Because if an agent sees an illegal trying to scale the fence, he can shoot to kill. Then they can throw the carcass back over the fence. That would/should deter anyone else from trying to be a hero.

  5. “Good Fences make Good Neighbours”

    I have been a staunch supporter of Israel’s southern border wall/fence with Egypt and Gaza. Clearly delineated and protected national borders can help with many problems, i.e.

    People Smuggling
    Organ Trafficking
    Arms Dealing
    Illegal Immigration
    Disease (e.g. Australia has excellent quarantine laws.)
    Money Laundering etc. etc.

    Thus if such a border is good enough for Israel it must be good for the USA.

    Sovereignty is not a dirty word. Child – Adult – Couple – Community – City – Nation State – Civiilisation


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