Mi Yichyeh – Who Will Live?

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The Yamim Noraim are upon us. Berosh Hashana yakasevun – on Rosh Hashanah our fate is determined and recorded. On Yom Kippur it is signed and sealed. During the Aseres Yemei Teshuva, say Chazal, the fate of the average individual hangs in a balance.

It is a time when we seek the ultimate zechus that will tip the scales. Perhaps, a most appropriate zechus is to secure the fate of a neshama that likewise hangs in a balance.

A young child from a far flung moshav in Eretz Yisroel yearns to go to a Torah school! His neshama is craving for nitzchiyus – for eternal life! The government will pay for his school. But they won’t pay his bus ride there. All that stands between this child and his source of life is a bus ride. 

The life of this child and all the generations that will emerge from hangs in a balance. You can decide his fate with a simple pledge of $30 a month!

Indeed, this auspicious zechus is specifically geared for Bnei Torah. When Rav Elyashiv and the other gedolei Yisroel initially conceived the project called Keren Kiruv Yaldei Yisroel, they instructed the administrators to specifically solicit Bnei Torah. They wanted each of us to have the opportunity to acquire the zechus of saving a neshama for $360. Securing the future of Klal Yisroel is a zechus that belongs to all of us.

Thousands of non-frum and nominally frum parents are eager to send their children to a school that will connect their children to their heritage.

 At the offices of Keren Kiruv Yaldei Yisroel, a large pile of applications still await sponsorships!

These lives hang in a balance!

The fate of these children rests in your hands!

Sponsor a neshoma today! Perhaps two! Or three! Or more! 

Acquire this remarkable zechus in advance of the upcoming Yamim Noraim and merit the abundant brachos enumerated by the gedolei Yisroel for nachas from your own family, health, prosperity and hatzlacha in all endeavors.

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