Miami Boys Choir Sings….Kars-4-Kids

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miami-boys-choirYerachmiel Begun and the Miami Boys Choir once again provided beautiful musical entertainment in honor of Chol Hamoed.

At the Miami musical event Wednesday night, both American group, Miami Boys Choir, and their Israeli counterparts, Miami Mizrach, performed. Each of the groups sang songs representing their country . The Israeli group sang “Al Hadvash,” and after an announcement by Yerachmiel Begun that he wanted something more appropriate than the Star Spangled Banner, the American group began to sing a more well-known song – 1-877-KARS 4 KIDS!

{Noam Newscenter}


  1. as far as the star spangled banner, he said that he wanted the usa choir to do instead a song more appropriate for our crowd. and then they did ‘kars for kids’. please report correctly. ty

  2. It’s truly the right thing to do, the american division representing the important things=Doing Kiruv!
    Why do you feel that way-#2?


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