Michael Avenatti Says He’s Rethinking His Decision To Stay Out Of 2020 Race

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Michael Avenatti told the Washington Examiner he is again considering a run at the Oval Office.

“I agree with Steve Bannon,” Avenatti said Saturday when asked if he was mulling another White House bid in 2020. That was a reference to the former White House chief strategist stating last year that Avenatti is a “fighter” who could defeat President Trump in an election because he resembles an outsider candidate that poses a threat to the president.

Avenatti said the chances he hops into the Democratic primary are ’50/50′ and that he would decide by the fall. But Avenatti’s prospects looked weak. A CNN poll in October showed the celebrity lawyer polling at just 1% among Democratic voters.

Read more at The Washington Examiner.



  1. Yes, definitely. This lowlife sicko indicted criminal should definitely run. He will easily cruise to victory.

  2. Who will vote for this low-life lunatic? All the “fruits & nuts”? All the stupid, crazy people? Hey! He may get elected by all those DemocRATs!

  3. The headline is the opposite of the article. Not that it matters because this clown is not worse than the other clowns running.


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