Michael Bloomberg’s Ambition: Give Away His Entire Fortune

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bloomberg1New York mayor Michael Bloomberg issued a challenge Wednesday to other mayors around the country: Come up with innovative ideas for fixing the economic and social problems all cities face — and win a share of $9 million for your city.

The mayor’s foundation is putting up the money.

Bloomberg is 70 years old and serving his third and final term leading New York City. A billionaire many times over, he made his fortune through the financial information services company he founded.

Bloomberg Philanthropies has donated nearly $2.5 billion to a variety of causes.

Bloomberg spoke Wednesday to “CBS Evening News” anchor Scott Pelley about his financial challenge to promote better government, criticism of his health initiatives aimed at smoking and obesity, and his plans for after his term ends next year.

{CBS News/Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. Hey Mike! How about giving “some” of your wealth to our struggling Yeshivas/Mosdos? This way, you can “buy” a little Olam Haba! It’s not to late. Leave on a good note.

  2. Hey peasant! How about minding your own business?

    That way you can “buy” a little respect from other people and you can stop being a professional shnorrer.

    It’s not too late, Leave on a good note.

  3. To #2:

    Your response shows how ignorant you are! You obviously couldn’t care less about Yeshivo’s! You don’t care that Bney Torah are struggling tremendously, yet keep on going. If the Yeshivo’s would get financial help, they won’t have to keep raising tuition every year! The Yeshivo’s could also use help with maintenance as well. Your lack of Kavod Hatorah is glaring

  4. Peasant-Your aboslutly right.

    Ben Azai-You sound like the type that would give money to preserve the planet rather then support whats importantin life.


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