Michael Jordan Backs LeBron James in Trump Feud

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Hours after President Trump closed out a tweet bashing LeBron James with the declaration, “I like Mike,” Michael Jordan himself chimed in to side with James. “I support LJ. He’s doing an amazing job for this community,” the basketball legend told NBC News through a spokesperson today.

As previously reported on Matzav, Trump had earlier taken to Twitter to insult James’ intelligence, apparently incensed by a CNN interview the Los Angeles Lakers star did in which he suggested Trump was using sports to divide the country. Jordan’s response came shortly after social media users had called on him to take a stance in the dispute.



  1. He had to take sides? The president praises you, you can’t even say something nice about him in a pareve way like “i support lj’s community service but the president deserves some respect”?

  2. This is slightly ill. Trump hates body art. He should have picked a different NBA role model. Jordan is sharp but he is reported a A Phi Alpha brand somewhere in on his leg. Pretty horrifying.

    Lebron is so blood art decked out that no sane son or daughter should care his fate. Its too offensive.

    Anyhow, maybe should endorse a no tattoo nba. It seems credentialed. It was mostly that way in the 1980s and we had fun.

    We are all wondering why the moons are now death. What a shame.


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