Michael Oren: ‘Israel Has Never Known A Friendlier Administration’


“Israel has never known a friendlier administration,” Michael Oren, Deputy Minister for Diplomacy within the Prime Minister’s Office, told i24NEWS, emphasizing that the support extended from President Donald Trump down through his most salient cabinet members concerning Israel.

The former ambassador to the United States hailed the Israeli-American ties just as the new Secretary of State Mike Pompeo met with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

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  1. I would put the George W. Bush administration in the same category of “friendliness” as the current Trump administration. Most U.S. presidents have had good relationships with Israel, notably excepting Eisenhower, Ford, Carter, G.H.W. Bush and Obama. Especially after the recent eight years of nonstop antipathy toward Israel (and even more so to PM Netanyahu) by President Obama, President Trump’s strong support is a welcome and much appreciated contrast.


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