Michael Savage Blames Israel for ‘Pulling Obama’s Strings’ on Syria, Says He’s “Sick Of Slavish Worship Of Israel”

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michael-savageConservative talk show host Michael Savage charges Israel is pushing the U.S. to conduct a military strike against Syria, hoping the action will “neutralize” the Assad regime’s air force and leave behind only “ragtag rebel groups who have no real heavy weapons.”

“Who’s behind this? Who’s pushing it? Well I suspect that it was Israel all along,” the host of “The Savage Nation” told listeners.

“It’s Israel pushing the United States – and England and France and Italy and Germany – to strike [President Bashar] Assad. . . . So it’s Israel that wants Assad’s air force neutralized.”

Savage noted a Fox News report that the initial confirmation the Assad regime was responsible for a suspected chemical weapons attack Aug. 21 came from a tip from the Israeli intelligence service.

The 8200 unit of the Israeli Defense Forces, which specializes in electronic surveillance, intercepted a conversation between Syrian officials regarding the use of chemical weapons, an unnamed ex-Mossad official told the German magazine Focus, the Guardian in London reported. The content was then relayed to the U.S.

“What we know is true is that Israel is deeply involved in the war drum beating,” said Savage, who said he considers himself “a friend of Israel.”

“Assad’s … not at war with Israel,” he said, and Israel believes it has much less to fear from the regime if it’s without an air force.

Israel is “pulling [President] Obama’s strings,” the talk show host maintained.

“If you can get America and France and Italy and Germany to act for you and they’re foolish enough to risk a third world war, why not?” he asked. “Put your own interests ahead of the world, what do you care?”

“I’m sick of this slavish worship of Israel,” he said. “No, it’s America first and Israel’s the tail, not the dog. We’re the dog, they’re the tail. And I’m sick and tired of America being yanked around like we’re the tail and they’re the dog.”

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  1. With friends like this……
    He has obviously been infected (or affected) by the mental disease he diagnosed liberals with.
    First it’s MBP now it’s this.
    A Neshama vacant of Torah and Yiras Shomayim is susceptible to many ills.

  2. Michael Savage like his nameis a savage beast. Always attacking people he claims be conservative but is forever against anything jewish or religious. just look at his picture he is a good shidduch for Lyn Samuels

  3. And Frum people listen to this savage? There’s nothing positive I’ve ever heard from him. It’s all bitterness, whining and complaining. That he’s sick and tired is very true. That’s his life; his show; and his listeners.

  4. Why legitimize this person or anything he has to say, whether he’s right or wrong? Ever since the disgusting, degrading, slanderous vomit that he spewed forth about the mitzvah of milah (not just metzizah b’peh but the entire practice), I have refused to listen to him on the radio and to anything he has to say. For those who have forgotten already, Savage falsely painted a twisted, uninformed picture of how “horrible” this sacred mitzvah is, to millions of uninformed listeners (many of whom are non-religious Jews who may chalila not mal their children as a result,) saying that this mitzvah is done by old rabbis with rusty instruments and so forth. Tune your radio and information sources elsewhere, or better yet, seek to know how the Gedolim of our generation view world events rather than the vile opinions of a kofer and apikorus.

  5. Just look how quickly someone can say something like this and how easy everyone can jump on his ship.
    Hashem can turn anything around in a blink of an eye.
    Daven hard that this doesn’t become the opinion of everyone else too!

  6. it ttly makes no sense that the USA is doing this for israel. obama is putting himself on the line for this attack and he would not do that for israel, its total insanity to think that this is all for israel.

  7. If you’ll check out the White Power Nazi websites, you will find that they are very conflicted about Savage. Some of them say that even though he is a rotten Jew, they agree with him on everything. The others say that gufa the fact they agree with him is a sign that he’s a conniving Jew who’s trying to trick everyone into…something, but they’re not sure what.

    Bottom line, this is a Jew that the Nazis agree with. This is a Jew whose philosophy harmonizes with Aryan Nation and Stormfront. This is Not a Good Sign.

  8. Savage does not understand the slavish worship of Israel. I do not understand the slavish worship of Savage. The tone of the comments here suggest disappoint of a hero. Savage is no hero; he is an entertainer. Just the like the rest of them. Stop listening to these people and their ridiculous hashkafas. He does not speak for you.

  9. First of all, it is not in Israel’s interest to bomb Syria. All it will do is put Al Qaeeda on their border.

    Second, every single anti-semite in the country will now come out of the woodwork. What a foolish comment.

  10. He reminds me of the judenrat in Germany. Trying to cozy up with the gentiles. In Germany a Jew was a Jew no matter how Gentile they tried to be. Change your name and style , you are still a Jew, Wiener

  11. Will somebody please post his advertisers so that we could abandon them! They did it to Rush and it worked! I shut the radio when he’s on because of his disgusting comments about the hayliger mitzva of Bris Kodesh. Let’s show him who’s boss! You’ll see how little his big mouth becomes!

  12. Savage is a very sick man. (He even said last night that he was “sick”). His shows of the last week prove that. He has bent over backwards to do nothing but blame Jews, Israel, using the most illogical even sick reasoning. For example, last night he claimed that “Obama says he will bomb Syria even if Syria gives up his chemical weapons, so someone must be pushing him to war.” Of course Obama never said any such thing. Savage refused to accept the views of any callers other than those who stated that Israel was to blame. We have seen this kind of “reasoning” before. You begin by blaming Israel/Jews and then seek any and all “evidence” you can to confirm your views. Geniuses like Savage never realize that this is a fallacy.

  13. #25, Mr. Respect?

    Why are YOU mocking us? Raven for our tshuvah. What are you accomplishing?

    We will object to his, and your, mocking of us. We will object to your, and his, silly lies.
    Got it?
    Good! Now go on silly boy.

  14. I think all of the above people that listen to him or anyone else on the radio for that matter are completely misguided. Why are you looking for solace from Rush, Savage etc etc? Its a total and utter waste of time to listen to any of them, no matter if you feel you are on the same page as them or not. How many hours and hours are wasted when one could get a shiur or shmuz instead? The point is that Hashem is making all of you so sensitive to this fools rantings. If none of us would tune him in we wouldn’t even know he said it. After all does anyone really care what the KKK or David Duke says on a daily basis? The fact of the matter is Hashem made him say this to get you all riled up. Ignore him and anyone else on the radio and listen to Torah instead you wouldn’t need to report on this silly report


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