Michelle Obama: Chris Christie’s ‘Terrific’


obama-michelleFirst lady Michelle Obama didn’t directly address New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s decision to have weight-loss surgery in an interview that aired Wednesday, but she said his struggle shows why her “Let’s Move” exercise program is so important.

“I think that’s a very personal matter,” Obama, who has made tackling the nation’s obesity crisis one of her priorities, said on NBC’s “Today” when asked about Christie’s lap-band surgery. “It’s something between the governor and his family, and I try not to comment on people’s personal choices. I think Governor Christie is terrific and you know, his family is wonderful, and I wish them the best.”

The famously hefty Christie’s decision to have lap-band surgery in February was reported Tuesday.

But Obama did say people’s struggles with weight as they get older is an important reason to tackle childhood obesity.

“There are millions of people like the governor who struggle with adulthood obesity, and that’s one of the reasons why I think ‘Let’s Move’ is so important,” she said. “Because we want to start working with kids when they’re young, so that they don’t have these challenges when they get older.”

“Let’s Move” is the first lady’s campaign to encourage children to exercise and eat healthy.


{Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. It’s terribly disrespectful for Matzav to use this caricature of the First Lady. This website can be found via google and is not a member only site. If this is the impression a frum site wants to send to the rest of the world that this is what we think of our First Lady, then I think Matzav should re-think what this country’s freedom means to frum Jews, and how displaying such poor taste reflects a sentiment that we don’t respect our leaders.


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