Michelle Obama Makes Light of President’s Failures


obama-michelleDelivering her only speech at a high school graduation this year, first lady Michelle Obama joked about the failures her husband, President Obama, has encountered in life as she told a graduating class of high school seniors in Nashville, Tenn. yesterday that in order to achieve success in life, they must first experience failure.

“When something doesn’t go your way, you’ve just got to adjust. You’ve got to dig deep and work like crazy, and that’s when you’ll find out what you’re really made of during those hard times, but you can only do that if you’re willing to put yourself in a position where you might fail, and that’s why so often failure, is the key to success for so many great people,” Obama said at the graduation ceremony for Martin Luther King Jr. Academic Magnet High School.

“Oprah was demoted from her first job as a news anchor. Now she doesn’t even need a last name,” she said.  “And then there’s this guy Barack Obama. … I could take up a whole afternoon talking about his failures, but he lost his first race for Congress, and now he gets to call himself my husband.

“All jokes aside, the point is that that resilience and grit, that ability to pick yourself up when you fall, those are some of the most important skills you’ll need as you make your way through college and through life,” she said. “I want you to tell yourself that no matter what challenges you face that you will commit yourself to achieving your goals no matter where life takes you.”

{ABC News/Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! our husband has a “D” before his name, so he is above the law. He can keep stabbing the Tax Payers in the back & nothing will happen to him. The Obama family are NO role models! The scandals that are coming to light will haunt your spoiled family for the rest of your days. Your legacy will be a very dark one. Even Cris Matthewes & Bob Schafer won’t be able to cover up for you anymore! Shame!


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