Michelle Obama On Barack’s 2008 Campaign: ‘I Didn’t Really Think He Could Win’

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Michelle Obama says she played the supportive wife during her husband’s 2008 White House bid because she assumed “there’s no way he’s going to win.”

“One of the reasons why I agreed to support Barack’s run for president was because deep down I was like there’s no way he’s going to win. And we can just sort of get this out of the way,” the former first lady said during a Monday stop in London for her book tour.


“(…) I didn’t believe that America was ready for a black president, let alone a black president named Barack Hussein Obama,” Obama said.

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  1. She is so full of it. Trying to play herself like a martyr who went along with her husband’s doomed campaign. Still trying to play the race card even though her husband WON.

    Almost everyone expected her husband would win all the way back to the primaries against Clinton.

    Did she add the part about her saying during the campaign that seeing the crowds fawning over her husband was the first time in her adult life she was proud of America?

  2. Nearly all the “mainstream” media (and that includes the Western world) etc. were promoting him, while anyone opposing him was labelled racist. So because of that she surprised that he got elected?

  3. Why do we still give a platform to this machashayfer! He won because the yad Hashem decided to have him win. Whatever Moochelle says or thinks is as irrelevant now as it was throughout the Jew/Israel hater in chief reign. I wish they would just go away.

  4. The truth is, Obama did NOT win. He was INSTALLED by the corrupt CIA through fraud. There’s plenty of documents and evidence proving it. The same corrupt CIA was planning on doing the same for Hillary but she had so few legal votes from the public, it was impossible for them to adjust it.

  5. Learning to see why pacifism fails, inciting daily racism discussion culls grief and frowning for different conversation is pouting is what Hashem wanted us to see.

    Brief 8 years no good fever. Just mind gawk the immodest lady. It was bad.

  6. What an ingrate. Her phony husband won only because of affirmative action. The Kenyan was completely unqualified to be President. John McShame threw the election. He was so weak, he was petrified of his own shadow. The Rino didn’t want to be called R A C I S T. Michelle is a gold-digger of the worst kind. She and her husband only took, and continue to take from the American people. They’ve never given ANYTHING back to the society that gave them so much.


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