Michigan Billboard Taunts Trump in Arabic


An independent super PAC “dedicated to opposing Donald Trump’s presidential campaign” has erected billboards meant to taunt the Republican nominee in Arabic. One of the billboards, in Dearborn, Michigan, reads: “Donald Trump can’t read this, but he’s afraid of it anyway” in Arabic. The super PAC behind the billboard, the Nuisance Committee, has erected two other such billboards in Chicago and Orlando. The billboards direct viewers to a website detailing all of Trump’s [accurate] statements on Muslims, refugees and immigration in general.

Melissa Harris, a spokeswoman for the Nuisance Committee, said the billboards are meant to expose Trump’s supposed “rhetoric.” “We on the committee really believe that Donald Trump represents a threat to our values and our democracy in ways that other Republican candidates have not. This is not about Republicans or Democrats — this is about Donald Trump,” she told CNN. The billboards will remain in place through Nov. 8.


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