Mick Mulvaney: John Bolton Committed ‘Despicable Acts of Betrayal’ by Writing Book


Former White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney accused former national security adviser John Bolton of committing “despicable acts of betrayal” when he released a tell-all book that put himself over the president and his service to the United States.

In an op-ed Mulvaney wrote for CNBC he said “Bolton’s greatest transgression is not publishing a tell-all book, or even doing so while the president is still in office. Nor is it that he was apparently writing the book while still serving in the West Wing.

“Bolton’s cardinal sin is that he put himself before the president, before service, and before the country. He forgot that he was staff, and that he was not the president. In doing so, he just confirmed what those who worked with him already knew: that Bolton was eager to advance his own interests to the exclusion of everything else.”

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  1. but a blind eye to trump’s actions. nothing is ever trumps fault. they should call him teflon trump. because nothing ever sticks! what do you expect from a silver spooned know it all.

    • what ACTIONS are you referring to?? colluding with russians?? quid pro quo with the ukraine?? covid-19?? black lives matter?? eveything trumps fault?? YOU MORON!!!!!

  2. He reminds me of Korach! He was such an able guy, tough and even rough too, but he got things done! But then he, like Mulvaney charges, forgot who he was and allowed his ego to run him. That’s why he was fired to begin with. Then, the book, proves the point!

  3. Donald Trump betrayed his oath to this country, so did Mick Mulvaney and everyone who stays silent and enables Donald Trump. Bolton is an arrogant jerk but he is not a liar.

    • Exactly how did he betray his oath? are you mixing him up with his predecessor? don’t talk in platitudes, be specific.

  4. “Bolton’s cardinal sin is that he put himself before the president, before service, and before the country. ”

    Trump’s cardinal sin is that he put himself before service, and before the country.

    Mulvaney’s cardinal sin is that he puts Trump before service, and before the country.

    The cardinal sin of Jewish Trump supporters is that they put Trump before service, before country, and before God.

  5. enables trump??? to do what??? build historic economy?? confront ALL worlds rogue countries?? support Jews and Israel in unprecedented ways?? what is wrong with you???


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