Midwood is Safest Neighborhood in NYC


flatbush1New York City’s safest neighborhood is in the Midwood section of Brooklyn. The company NeighborhoodScout revealed its rankings of U.S. neighborhoods, based on FBI data, today.

The group said the Bedford Avenue area was safer than 90-percent of all neighborhoods in the nation, with a crime rate of only two per 1,000 and with the chances of your becoming a crime victim only one in 500.



  1. Raphael, living outside NYC (in Chutz) is like living in the desert. Where is the Yiddishkeit? Where in life? In NYC of course.

    Not even debatable.

  2. #5, Where is the gashmius? Where are 90% of the people rude double parking bad middos-niks? In NYC of course.

    Not even debatable.

    You are so used to the rudeness and bad middos you think it’s normal. Try living in a “desert” for a little while; it will broaden your horizens.


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