Midwood Lawmaker Defends Ramapo-Slavery Comparison

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east ramapo school districtBrooklyn, NY – A Midwood lawmaker who ruffled some in the Jewish community by comparing budget cuts to the public school system in East Ramapo to slavery defended her stance, saying that she meant to illustrate how it is the civil rights issue of the day.

Assemblywoman Rodneyse Bichotte, a Democrat representing a heavily Jewish area of Midwood, responded in an email to a Hamodia article Wednesday about her remarks.

“My comments were not a comparison,” she said, “rather illustrating how laws are changed as time is changed. What was required then to make a child’s education complete is different now.”

Bichotte, a Haitian-American freshman lawmaker, said that cutting English as a Second Language classes, kindergarten, summer school and art and music classes “is a disenfranchisement that will not only impede on a child’s ability to excel but [impedes] that child from its fullest potential in life.” Read more here.

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  1. Haitians have not been enslaved for over two hundred years. They rebelled against the French sometime at the end of eighteen’s century. Most of the then slave population have been enslaved for may be a few decades. Definitely, there is no even remote similarity between the deeply rooted American institutions of slavery and subsequent jim crow laws to the Haitian experience. She has no moral right to evoke the plight of the American slaves in order to advance her political agenda. She must be a deeply ignorant and immoral person to commit such a vile violation of political correctness.


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