Midwood Residents Say Traffic Circle Is An Accident Waiting To Happen


midwood-circleCBS New York reports: ┬áCars are running through red lights and barely missing each other according to people living near one Brooklyn intersection. They say it’s happening all too often, but their complaints may be going unheard.

“I’m documenting everyone going through the red lights, stop signs, speeding, actual car accidents,” Midwood resident Simon Gifter told CBS2’s Matt Kozar.

Gifter blames a dangerous and confusing traffic circle along Kings Highway near East 34th Street in Midwood.

Multiple traffic signals for different lanes and impatient drivers, including a Fed Ex truck and a city DOT vehicle, have apparently been seen running red lights.

There is a park in the middle of the traffic circle, but residents said they are afraid to cross the street to get to it. A break in the fence still marks the spot where a car crashed into it.

City officials said they have made safety upgrades including delineators on the road to guide traffic and warning signs along Kings Highway. They added that they are reviewing the intersection for possible safety enhancements.

“This is definitely – that’s on everybody’s radar screen,” Councilman Jumaane Williams said.

The city reported that there have been no traffic deaths at the intersection in 6 years, but residents fear that could change if nothing is done.

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  1. It’s Shimon Gifter who lives right there and he sees it all. He’s a very special guy and he cares! He simply cares!!!
    There’s also a school for the hearing impaired at that corner so there’s a lot of extra traffic.


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