Mike Huckabee: Real Movement Should Be ‘Male Lives Matter’

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In defending his comments that more white people were shot by police officers last year than minorities, former Arkansas governor and GOP presidential candidate Mike Huckabee said “Male Lives Matter” should be the “real movement.”

The Washington Post’s fact checker clarified Huckabee’s original comments for readers, saying the raw numbers are correct but a more accurate representation would be a rate. Huckabee released the following statement to the Post in response: “It’s not me that needs to be ‘fact checked.’ It’s the Post — I only said exactly what YOU reported. My comments were 100 percent factual. The pure facts also reveal that 94 percent of those killed by police are men, so by your ‘proportional’ standards, the real movement in America should be ‘Male Lives Matter.’”

(c) 2016, The Washington Post · Michelle Ye Hee Lee 



  1. Huckabee special.

    Crusaders acceptable. Run the gold to the frame of mind.

    Seriously, xenophobics are not our leaders. He did not add anything to the public discussion. Just showed us his ax.

    Cute. Maybe he can just do prostate cancer awareness. Male lives do matter.

    Bet he won’t donate a cent.

  2. Mike is %100 percent right. I didn’t expect anything better from the Washington Compost. Interesting that they never fact check anything Hillary says. Typical Liberal rag.

  3. As long as police consider themselves above the law (and not as government or the media would have you think, they are the majority of police rather than the minority), they should be treated as the enemy rather as the friend they promised to be


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