Minister: From Now On, We’ll Preemptively Strike Hamas Rocket Activity

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A senior Likud minister on Saturday said Israel would preemptively strike the Hamas terror group in Gaza when it becomes apparent it’s restocking its rocket arsenal and gearing up to fire at Israel, as he laid out what he described as the Jewish state’s new security doctrine vis-a-vis the coastal enclave following Operation Guardian of the Walls.

“We cannot wait for rocket fire [to respond in Gaza],” said Tzachi Hanegbi in an interview with Channel 13. From now on, he said, the terror groups’ rearmament and preparations to fire rockets, rather than the actual firing, “is cause for Israeli strikes” on military targets in Gaza.

“This is a total change of the equation. We’ve never done this,” he said.

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  1. What a schoolboy excuse! Perhaps, if you are dumb enough not to play for a checkmate to begin with, you should not be trusted now either. However, I strongly suspect that it is a case of treason, as opposed to feeble-mindness, that is ailing the Israeli elites.

  2. After reading the following how can anyone trust anything from the Israeli govt?

    “HAARETZ (Feb 2020): Mossad chief urged Qatar to continue Hamas financial aid sent on the mission by Netanyahu.
    Mossad playing both sides”


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