Ministry of Health: Passengers On Bus From Yerushalayim To Tiverya May Have Been Exposed To Baby With Measles

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The Ministry of Health today announced to the public today about a possible exposure to a measles-suffering baby who was on bus routes along with many other passengers.

The toddler who traveled on public transportation last Saturday night on two bus routes loaded with passengers.

The baby stayed on the following bus lines: Line 68 from Bar Ilan Street in Yerushalayim to the city’s central bus station, at 20:00; Line 959 from Yerushalayim to Tiverya at 9:00 PM.

“Passengers who were born in 1957 and thereafter and are not vaccinated in two doses against measles,” the secretary of the Ministry of Health, “are invited to contact the Health Bureau closest to their place of residence in order to determine the need for a vaccination.”

As reported on Kikar Shabbos, about 2,500 people have been infected with measles in Israel since it began to erupt in March 2018.

Of the 2,040 patients reported to date, the highest number was recorded in Yerushalayim – 874 patients. In Beit Shemesh there were 266 patients, Tzfas had 149 patients, in Bnei Brak 97 patients were reported, and in Betar Illit, 95 people had measles.



  1. “May have been”

    That’s all I need to know. “Maybe” “perhaps” “possibly” “most probably” “according to research” etc…
    Fake news in order to whip up hysteria amongst the ill informed.

    • A huge percentage in the US and Israel have become anti-vaxxers recently causing the ministry of health and the CDC to suffer losses of thousands of dollars. How else can they stop vaxxers from joining anti-vaxxers if not by fake news hysteria?


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