Minyan Arranges to Daven at Kever of Mordechai and Esther in Iran On Purim

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iranEver since Mordechai Hatzaddik established the Yom Tov of Purim, Jews have celebrated the day with a level of joy unmatched by any other holiday. Music, costumes and laughter fill the streets. Yet, the heady spirit evades the hearts of those who lack it most. Widows and orphans suffer more on Purim than on a regular day, because the atmosphere in the streets highlights their loss. Mesamche Lev lessens their pain and brings joy to their hearts by giving them generous matanos la’evyonim checks.

For almanos and yesomim, Purim doesn’t mean costumes and baskets. Purim means memories. There are memories of joyous renditions of Shoshanas Yaakov, impromptu dances around the room, and tables of wine bottles and trays of delicacies. There are memories of funny stories and tipsy guests. But the memories are clouded with pain.

It takes a lot to take the pain out of the memories, especially when Purim in the present is so, so different. Instead of joyous zemiros, widows try to force a song out of their children. Instead of food, there is hunger. Instead of joy, there are tears. But everything changes when Mesamche Lev delivers a matanos la’evyonim check. Suddenly, there is money for food and clothing. Suddenly, there is joy. There is hope. The widow feels that she is not alone. Mesamche Lev is there with her. Mesamche Lev brings simcha to life.

Mesamche Lev has been distributing matanos la’evyonim for decades. For close to forty years, good Yidden around the world have entrusted the organization with their matanos la’evyonim. The funds were always distributed bo bayom, on Purim, bringing joy not only to the widows, but also to those who rejoiced in their fulfillment of the mitzvah.

This year, donors receive an added bonus. Mesamche Lev will be sending a minyan to the gravesite of Mordechai and Esther, in Hamadan, Iran, present-day Shushan, on Purim. The minyan of yirei Shomayim will pray for the Jewish people on the very day that Mordechai and Esther brought a yeshuah to Am Yisroel. They will mention Mesamche Lev donors by name, pray for their personal salvations, and leave a kvittel at the kevorim.

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