Mir-Yerushalayim Pays Off All Monies Owed to Avreichim

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rav-nosson-tzvi-finkelThe Olam Hatorah has paid renewed focus upon Yeshiva Mir-Yerushalayim, the largest Torah institution in the world with over 7,000 talmidim, following the sudden petirah several months ago of Rav Nosson TzviFinkel zt”l, and the subsequent appointment of his son, Rav Eliezer Yehuda Finkel, the new rosh yeshiva.

Following the petirah, much attention was paid to the staggering debts of the yeshiva. This week, news emerged that the yeshiva has paid up all the stipends it had owed to avreichim of the yeshiva, a phenomenal achievement. It was known that the fact that the yeshiva was many months behind in paying the yungeleit caused great anguish to the rosh yeshiva, Rav Nosson Tzvi zt”l, who is clearly serving as a meilitz yosher for his heilige yeshiva.

Thanks to tireless and dedicated askanim, the yeshiva was able to issue checks yesterday that brought them up to date. Some avreichim received checks up to 14,000 shekels for monies that they had been supposed to receive, according to Israeli sources. Some money had been owed for five years.

As first reported on Matzav.com, the effort to address the yeshiva‘s debt involved the launching of a worldwide campaign by askanim and friends of the yeshiva. During the campaign, noted baal tzedakah Reb Shlomo Yehuda Rechnitz of Los Angeles donated $5 million to the yeshiva. Reb Shlomo Yehudah, a close talmid of the rosh yeshiva zt”l, is a quiet, heroic askan, whose life revolves around chessed and tzedakah, much of which is conducted far from the limelight. Reb Shlomo Yehudah, a son-in-law of Rav Yisroel Belsky, rosh yeshiva of Yeshiva Torah Vodaas, recently assumed the position of chairman of the Chofetz Chaim Heritage Foundation. With amazing altruism and chashivus haTorah, this tomech Torah has shown that today’s economic uncertainties cannot stand in the way of those who seek to be mechazeik Torah and bnei Torah.

As Yeshivas Mir-Yerushalayim looks to the future, it is inspiring to consider some fascinating statistics about the yeshiva:

Number of talmidim: 7,200

Number of botei medrash: 20

Number of staff members: 200+

Number of pieces of shnitzel served on Wednesdays: 10,000+

Number of students served lunch every day: 6,000

Monthly budget: 10,000,000 NIS

Monthly stipend budget: 3,000,000 NIS

Yearly budget: 120,000,000 NIS

{Casriel Bauman-Matzav.com/Yair Alpert-Matzav.com Israel}


  1. Indeed, Shlomo Yehuda is a tzadik – I once interacted with him on something and he was amazing! May he continue in his hatzlacha – and may many more like him rise up to help those in need!

  2. There are still some extremely rich people in Klal Yisrael. I hope this sends a message to the others to stand up and follow lead. Even a one time donation of a $1 Million will make a difference!

  3. I hope people realize that the Mir sill needs our help. Rav Nosson Zvi Zt’l did much fund raising for the yeshiva and it will be difficult to replace that.
    The Torah in Mir requires a staggering amount of money. Since most avreichim can barely make ends meet and there is very little spent on salaries giving Mir money is also tzeddaka for the poor.


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