Miracle As El Al Plane To New York Nearly Crashes Into Air France Plane

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plane-el-alAn El-Al passenger jet bound for New York nearly collided with an Air France airliner over the skies of Belgrade last night, Channel 2 revealed this evening. According to the report, the Serbian air controller made a mistake and instructed the Air France airplane to fly on a route already used by the El Al plane, so that the jets were on a collision course.The two planes were about to crash in midair, but emergency alarms alerted the both pilots and the El-Al plane changed course at the last minute, when the distance between the aircraft was only 300 meters.

Serbian authorities reportedly claimed that the Serbian air controller was responsible for the incident and aviation authorities there launched an investigation into the near accident.

El Al lauded the Israeli pilot, according to the report, stressing that at no moment were the passengers, crew or airplane in danger.

 {JPost, Yair Alpert-Matzav.com Israel}


  1. A miracle is when a rule of nature has been overridden. Hashgacha is when Hashem guides events within the rules of nature. This is hashgacha, not a miracle.

  2. Yehoshua D:
    Hashgacha is the general term for Hashem’s supervision of the world, and a miracle does NOT override the rules of nature, according to the Rambam.


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