He Told His Parents His Legs Hurt … What Happened Next Shocked Him

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This week visitors to the Chesed Fund platform fell in love with a 6-year-old boy, young Tzvi Kopshitz of Neve Yaakov. The happiness radiated by Tzvi’s big brown eyes and bright smile are contagious. His story, however, has more pain than that of most his age. Last year, the young boy began complaining of leg pain. His parents took him for routine checkups, and every parent’s worst nightmare came true: he had leukemia.

What followed was a chaos which is unique to a household devastated by illness. Both parents were unable to work, as they immersed themselves in accompanying Tzvi and attending to his hospital matters. Their other six children stayed home with babysitters, struggling to acclimate to their new arrangement. Financial pressure loomed overhead, everpresent.

After several months of no income, and pouring their savings into babysitters, they are in overwhelming debt. The family fridge stands empty. The 7 children do not have suitable shoes or backpacks.

Donations are being accepted now to provide the Kopshitz family with their most basic needs, a much needed comfort fresh off the trauma of aggressive cancer treatment. Donors can rest assured that they have put food on the table and clothes on the back of a child who has truly seen too much.


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