Misameach Cruise On The Hudson With Avraham Fried

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misameach-cruiseFor a few hours on Sunday, the children of Misameach felt like royalty. Over 430 children and their families joined Misameach’s second annual cruise, which turned out, once again, to be the experience of a lifetime.

Misameach is an organization devoted to brightening the lives of sick children and their families through a variety of programs and events, including a fully stocked entertainment library, bedside entertainers and performers, parties, workshops and more.

The cruise is the highlight of the year for many of these families, a respite from the struggles of daily life where they can relax in a serene and engaging environment.

The ship departed from Liberty Landing at around 1 p.m., carrying its exhilarated cargo onto the scenic Hudson River.

A police escort was arranged by the New Jersey Chaplain’s Association and provided by the New Jersey State Police.

Guests were serenaded by a full six-piece band and singers Avraham Fried, Baruch Levine and Yossi Goldstein. A lavish lunch buffet was served.

Children received magnificent gifts of jewelry, made possible thanks to generous donors, and enjoyed an afternoon of laughter, excitement and entertainment with their family and friends.

As the hundreds of children returned to shore, the beaming faces attested to the fact that this is one memory they will each harbor for a very long time.

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  1. to #1 It is not a taanis for SICK CHILDREN. Think before you criticize such a beautiful thing!!They should all have a refuah schlaimah.


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