Misameach Pre-Pesach Event


Families battling illness must juggle so much more than the average family, and for them, the challenging Pesach preparations are especially difficult. Misameach strives to do whatever it can to ease the burden on these families and inject an extra burst of simcha into the Yom Tov season.

Misameach held a pre-Pesach event for children the day of bedikas chometz at Pump It Up of Lakewood. As the hectic race to Yom Tov reached its crescendo, parents desperately needing a reprieve were able to drop off their children for an afternoon of fun and take advantage of those precious few hours to continue their Pesach preparations.

The hundreds of children who attended had a blast, enjoying hot food, raffles, music and gifts, with plenty of bouncing and smiles, of course. Master storyteller Rabbi Ferber kept the kids spellbound and entertained, while exciting live music was provided by the Kotler brothers’ full band. Four local police officers from the Lakewood Police Department joined in the fun as well, thanks to arrangements made by the NJ Chaplains Association.



In addition, Misameach’s Family Center saw nonstop action throughout Chol Hamoed, with many children and their families coming at all hours to enjoy the numerous entertainments and to spend quality family time there.

Once again, Misameach succeeded in bringing joy, smiles and relief to so many families during the Yom Tov season.


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