Misaskim Emergency Appeal: Help Bring a Meis Mitzvah To A Jewish Burial


misaskim[Donate link below.] All readers are asked to donate generously to cover the astronomical costs of bringing a choshuveh talmid chochom to kever Yisroel. Unfortunately, this individual’s son insisted on cremating his father’s body, as the son is not shomer Torah umitzvos.

The total cost of kevurah is $11,500.

As members of Klal Yisroel, this mitzvah is ours. Please contribute today as generously as you can. These expenses must be covered in short order.

Tizku l’mitzvos.

Click here to donate.

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  1. A grave can be bought for $1500 in a Shomer Shabbos section. The cost of burial, preparing etc…. is under 5000- all at retail prices!! Did the son insist on Washington cemetery?? Or near Gedolim ?? Isn’t there a free burial society which is essentially free??
    Then again Misaskim is neeman to do great work and if it could be done for less they would find a way. Chezkas Chaver!
    Tizku LMitzvos!

  2. quiet often, not frum family will agree not to cremate only if the mes will be in a family plot, or a certain location, or certain other conditions (paying storage fees)…..

    sounds strange to us, but “I’d rather cremate than have them be with strangers” is the way some people think…

  3. First of all, I donated.
    Second of all, the Hebrew Free Burial Society charges under $4000.
    I made inquiries for a friend who was in the Bay Area and it was around $15,000.
    Please donate. It’s good not to have a mes go up in smoke. You can do it l’iluy Nishmas Chanah bas Charlotte. Thank you.

  4. is there a phone number to donate on or an option of using paypal? the misaskim sight is not a secure sight and i don’t want to give all that info on an unsecure sight.

  5. According to the flyer I received, the non-Jewish funeral home still had to be paid – their contract had to be honored. Further details are on the flyer. Follow the link.

  6. Do you research:
    Cremation is the cheapest way of doing things ( about 500$)
    , and I don’t think Hebrew free burial had to pay a family member to allow a Jewish burial


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