Misaskim Unveils Innovative New Website

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Newly Designed Website to Accommodate Thousands of Daily Visitors

After several months of intense research, work, and much Siyata D’Shmaya, the Misaskimorganization, known for its unparalleled work on behalf of the bereaved, has rolled out a stunning and up-to-date website: www.misaskim.org that includes many new innovations…with more to come.

During a recent review of internet analytics, Misaskim’s website was confirmed to average over 5,000 unique visitors per weekday; thus the “no-brainer” for a newly designed, user-friendly, website that was unveiled this week. The new site, designed and powered by Duvys, was designed for desk computers, as well as for hand-held Android and iPhone devices.

Not surprisingly, the page that was searched the most was the Aveilim listing page, in which the names of the recently departed, together with their close relatives, are listed. This list include all relevant shiva information to assist the bereaved family.

New to the site is a condolence message-sending link that enables those who are not able to personally be Menachem Avel, the ability to send a private e-message, directly to the shiva-sitting family.

An innovative downloads page, with many new features, now enables one to access Perek 119 of Tehillim, together with the other perakim of Tehillim usually recited at the graveside during a Hakamas Matzeivoh or a Yahrzeit. Other relevant Tefilos are also available for download, compliments of ArtScroll/Mesorah, together with Misaskim Mishnayos lists and other pertinent information relating to the passing of a loved one.




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