Misaskim Works Tirelessly to Offer Madoff a Jewish Burial

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mark-madoffThe shocking news of Mark Madoff’s suicide was followed by disbelief as the Jewish community learned of the family’s plan to have his body cremated. Misaskim has been contacted numerous times since the family’s decision was publicized in the media, and asked whether anything could be done to arrange a Jewish burial for Mark’s body. People from many communities across the nation have called the organization with their concerns, some even offering a free burial plot. According to Jewish belief, cremation is never an option, due to the irreparable trauma it causes to one’s soul.

Misaskim has pooled its resources and was working tirelessly to offer the family its assistance in arranging a Jewish burial. Misaskim has been in touch with the law enforcement community, the funeral home, the media, and even with individuals who themselves were victims of the ponzi scheme, in an effort to head off an even more tragic turn of events than what has already transpired.

“Mark was Jewish, and that’s the only factor that is of concern to Misaskim,” said the volunteer who is spearheading the effort. At this point, Misaskim is saddened to report that the organization has not made much progress in preventing the cremation, yet the Misaskim remains committed to its mission of safeguarding the dignity of the deceased.

{Noam Amdurski-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. Terrible saga! bUT isn’t the din that one who commits suicide does not get a burial in a Jewish Beis Hachayim? If I’m correct, why would they even try?

  2. Someone who committed suicide is ordinarily buried at the end of a Jewish cemetery. Nevertheless, a Rav must decide whether he was “driven” to commit suicide.

  3. There are countless cremations every day and no one lifts a finger to prevent them. By chance, a famous person orders his own cremation and all of a sudden, every one is “concerned”, “working tirelessly”, “ohev yisrael”, blah blah…

  4. missaskim have pure Ahavas Yisroel.
    We should all learn from them, and G-d help that we should never need their services.

    Dear AHAVAS YISROEL #10:

    ALL people will be needing Misaskim’s services.

  5. A Jew who commits suicide is not exactly to be granted the same privileges and honors as a Jew who did not.

    Suicide is a sin because our bodies belong to G-d, and as such, we are forbidden to do what is irrational, against G-d, i.e. harm ourselves or do anything injurious to our self-preservation (this is not only MiSinai, but even found in the philosophy of John Locke and Hobbes, who extend this to state that individuals are forbidden to submit to any regimes which demand self-injury or the subjugation of corporal liberty).

    However, Judaism has nowadays adopted the view at theart that suicide is irrational. If a person was in the state of mind to do something so gravely irrational, than they are considered to be mentally incompetent, and thus granted Jewish burial because they are considered of unsound mind.

  6. There are countless of low-profile cremations that are prevented by Misaskim each month that we don’t hear about. The Madoff case received a lot of attention in the media thus we all heard about Misaskim’s role.

  7. #14 As a Ben Torah you ought to be familiar with the pasuk said at funerals, “bila ha’mavves lo’netzach” – death will be swallowed up forever

  8. Although I doubt that Misaskim ignores scheduled cremations that it is aware of, Madoff was high profile and known. Should Misaskim have ignored Madoff, even if it could not stop others??


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