Mishpacha and Reb Abish Recapture Music of Pre-War Yeshivos

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abish-brodt-4[Audio below.] Reb Abish Brodt has made it a mission to bring authentic, genuine neginah to Jewish people of all sorts, and his familiar voice has enhanced simchos and mesibos across the world.

Recently, Reb Abish embarked on a musical journey back in time, determined to recapture the music of the great, pre-war yeshivos. Hashgachah put him in touch with Pini Paley, scion of a prominent Chevron Yeshiva family, who, as director of sales and distribution for Mishpacha Magazine and a passionate music lover, shared the same dream. The talented Rabbi Suki Berry joined the team and, together, they collaborated on a magnificent album called Levaker B’heichalo, featuring the tunes of a bygone world.

The release, which will be sold commercially after Yom Tov, is being offered free as part of the Mishpacha mega Yom-Tov package. The package includes a full supplement which provides insight, depth and history behind each song.

CLICK HERE to listen to Reb Abish’s moving rendition of the Slabodka classic, Shakah Chamah.

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  1. Surprised,
    Take a look at the artscroll kinnos written by Rabbi Feuer.
    He began writing it the day after Simchas Torah and he went in to his father in law Harav Gifter Zt”l with a similar feeling (question). “After dancing with such simcha just yesterday how do I put myself in the “mood” for kinnos?” Look how the Rosh Yeshiva answers him.
    If you don’t have one in your house go in to a sfarim store BEFORE YOM TOV and look at the hakdama. Its worth the effort. Your whole Simchas Tom tov will take on a whole new hashkaffa which will be a simcha such as you never had before.
    A FREILICHEN Tom tov

  2. I am sure the youngsters of todays generation wont relate to it, it will sound foreign to them because it doesnt have a techno / disco beat to it and its not derived from Non Jewish sources

    How sad is todays taste of Jewish music

    But there is hope after this, you never know.


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