Missing: R’ Chaim Simcha Amsel

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reb-chaim-simcha-amselThere is great concern among Israeli officials and the family of R’ Chaim Simcha Amsel, an Israeli entrepreneur and askan, who disappeared five days ago. R’ Chaim Simcha left his home on Wednesday and has not been seen since.

R’ Chaim Simcha is a noted activist and one of the founders of Tel Tzion. He built hundreds of apartments there and lived there for several years. It is reported that he fell into debt and borrowed very large sums of money.

A little over two months ago, R’ Chaim Simcha’s beard was inexplicably cut off and he did not wish to talk about it. It was believed, based on close sources, that Russian thugs hired by his creditors did the deed. A month ago, R’ Chaim Simcha married off his daughter, but friends said that he was under tremendous stress.

Last Wednesday, R’ Chaim Simcha called the home of the Vizhnitzer Rebbe. It is not clear whether he actually spoke with the Rebbe or simply left him a message, but he wasn’t heard from after that.

R’ Chaim Simcha’s wife contacted several politicians and told them about the mysterious disappearance of her husband. They realized immediately that this was a serious affair that could possibly involve unsavory characters.

R’ Chaim Simcha’s family resides in the same building as his father-in-law, Rav Zev Ernster, rov of Kiryat Meor Chaim in Yerushalayim.

According to a person involved in the affair, R’ Chaim Simcha tried to cover heavy debts left behind in Tel Tzion, and tried to market a patent of an electric umbrella. The umbrella was supposed to pump the rainwater, and was to be produced in a Chinese factory. This investment also failed and R’ Chaim Simcha’s debt grew.

R’ Chaim Simcha’s personal cell phone was found with his driver, who has no idea of his whereabouts. Police continue an investigation, with the possibility of a kidnapping being considered.

 {Yair Alpert-Matzav.com Israel}


  1. why do we seem to always wait for a yid to chas vesholom die, dissapear or hit rock bottom till we help them out? the people who knew him saw the stress yet they do nothing. now that he is missing large sums will be raised. wake up my people!!!!

  2. If it’s the russian mafia it could be a kidnapping or worse. When his beard was cut off, sounds like very aggressive harsh and abusive people that he is dealing with. Hope they find him fast and alive and well.

  3. I knew him from Shanghai, China what a special special erlache yid and a Hart gold, Yiden be mispalel Chaim Simcha
    Ben Sarah


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