Mississippi Spelling Bee Runner-Up Misspells “Lokshen”

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lukshenRani Jaiswal, representing Winston Academy in Winston County, has won the 2010 Mississippi Statewide Spelling Bee, correctly spelling “tamarind” and “anachronism.”

The event was held today at Mississippi Public Broadcasting auditorium in Jackson.

Runner up Dzung Le, representing Northwest Rankin Middle School in Rankin County, lost with “lokshen,” a Yiddish word for a type of noodle pudding.

Twenty-eight spellers participated in the event sponsored by the Mississippi Association of Educators, and hosted live on Mississippi Public Broadcasting.

Jaiswal receives a cash award from the state teacher’s association to help pay for expenses to Washington, D.C., in June for the 83rd Annual Scripps National Spelling Bee.

{Hattiesburg-American.com/Noam Amdurski-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. Is this for real? If so, they spelled it wrong. The Yerushalmi pronounciation is “LUCKSHIN” not Lokshen. As in: Lucky if it is not so greasy and bitter that your Shabbos and Motzi Shabbos is ruined with an upset stomach !!!

  2. What does the dictionary they rely on give for the etymology?
    And surprising that the powers that be chose such a potentially controversial word. Not that the whole world doesn’t love a good noodle/pasta/lokshen but the whole transliterating thing, and so recently, should put it in the “do not use” pile.

  3. Once again those Jews are spreading their tentacles taking over all aspects of society and depriving our children of the opportunities due to them…

  4. I have been watching the national scripps spelling bee for years. They ask words like kneidel, yarmulke, kishke, and tzimmes. Watch it for yourself- they will ask at least 2 Yiddishe words. But this is very unfair since a kid in the deep south has probably never even seen lokshen or yidden for that matter.

  5. many years ago the winning word in the National spelling Bee was ‘Purim’ – go figure, maybe next year it will be ‘matzav’


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