Mitt Romney Did Not Vote for Trump

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While his office would not say he had voted for Democrat Joe Biden, never Trumper Sen. Mitt Romney, R-Utah, voted early and did not vote for President Donald Trump, according to The Hill.

Romney has had an up-and-down – almost exclusively down save for his failed campaign to be the Trump administration secretary of state – relationship with the president.

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  1. a has been, bitter that President Trump is successful. As long as he helps approve Judge Amy Coney Barrett, he is not relevant and neither are the other RINOs (republican in name only).

    • Unbelievable how he used Trump before getting elected just to get elected and this is how he turns his back.. I would be surprised if he wins another term. Trump on the other hand has proven many times that he is a bit to Temimus in trusting people.

  2. This bum threw the elections, when he ran against Obama, because he was petrified of being called a R A C I S T! Another classic RINO loser, like Jeff Flake.


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