Mitt Romney Sends Condolences To Netanyahu, No Word Yet From Obama

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romney-netanyahuPresumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney has sent condolences to Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu on the death of his father, Ben Zion Netanyahu z”l.

Ben-Zion Netanyahu, a historian and Zionist activist, died yesterday in Israel, as reported on He was 102.

Romney called the Israeli prime minister his “friend” in his statement. The two men have been friends for years, and their relationship was forged in the 1970s when they were young up-and-comers sizing up companies for the Boston Consulting Group.

“This is a loss for all of Israel and for all who care about Israel,” Romney said about the elder Netanyahu’s death.

As of this writing, there is no word from President Obama.

{Free Republic/ Newscenter}


  1. Clearly Obama is out to get Netanyahu and Israel. Mitt must be more fit. Good. I’ll go fry my eggs now. Thanks.

  2. I think Obama is waiting to see what Sarkozy is going to do. Maybe they should go together to be Menachem Avel.

  3. Obama will send condolences! He’s just waiting for the media to sort of tell him he must do so! Alayne faarshtait er nisht!

  4. I didn’t think he would. He is a sonei yisroel and anything that he does is only to get your vote. Be smart, Yiddelach, and be careful.

  5. Jews wake up. There is a clear choice in the next elections between Romney a friend of Israel and a personal friend of Netanyahu.
    Or Obama not a friend of either.
    Vote for Israel. Vote for Romney.


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