Mitt Romney to Make Anti-Trump Speech Thursday

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Former presidential candidate Mitt Romney plans to speak Thursday morning on the state of the 2016 primaries, his camp said in a press release. According to a source close to Romney, the former Massachusetts governor will use the address to lay out the Republican case against Donald Trump, mere days after the GOP frontrunner won seven of the Super Tuesday voting states and took a bigger lead in the party’s delegate race.

Romney, who briefly considered running again before announcing last January that he would take a pass, plans to deliver remarks Thursday morning at the University of Utah’s Hinckley Institute of Politics in Salt Lake City.

Last week, Romney came out swinging against Trump, telling Fox News that the real-estate mogul has been “aggressive in avoiding any discussion of taxes,” likely to hide a “bombshell” in his return documents. Romney has yet to endorse a presidential candidate, instead remaining a staunchly anti-Trump figurehead for Republicans. Read more at Bloomberg Politics.

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  1. Mittens is an idiot. Its bad enough he threw the election last time around which allowed Obama to do his worst damage to the fabric of this Nation, but now he wants to destroy the Republican Party again?! I don’t like Trump (I will be voting for Cruz) but whatever you say, he is a thousand times better than Hillary!

  2. Mitt Romney,Mr etch-n-Etch?
    Who taught us in 2012 primaries that “A Smear that goes unanswered, is a smear that sticks”?


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