MK Peretz Compares Jewish Intermarriage In US To A ‘Second Holocaust’


Israel’s minister of education said in a cabinet meeting this month that the rate of marriage between US Jews and non-Jews is like a “second Holocaust,” a report said Tuesday.

Rafi Peretz made the statement in the July 1 cabinet meeting that was attended by Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Axios reported.

He said that because of the rate of mixed marriages, Jewish people have “lost 6 million people,” which is “like a second Holocaust,” according to the report.

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  1. If not for religious Jewish schools in Israel and globally, intermarriage would be much higher. Instead of talking about a 2nd Holocaust, Peretz should do something constructive – enforce RELIGIOUS Jewish education for ALL Jews, even those who are not religious yet.

  2. He’s wrong. It’s worse than the holocaust. The Nazi’s ym”s killed the bodies. Assimilation destroys the nishama. The reform movement is slowly becoming a non-jewish fraternity club.

  3. Stop blaming America. Intermarriage in England 65%. Francis 72% Germany 85%. Russia 86%. Norway 97%.
    We are so groovy in the USA.

  4. How does that differ from the older singles shidduch crises? We have nebach so many older singles who never got married, never raised a family, and the future generations ended with them remaining single. When they pass away, it’s over r”l. I’m not blaming anyone. It’s just a mitzius. It’s so so sad. We need a yeshua!

  5. He’s about 30 years too late. This was said by HaRav Noah Weinberg z”l at least 30 years ago, who decided to do something about it and opened Aish Hatorah, with the basic goal of preventing intermarriage.

    It is a fact that intermarriage is much worse in the USA as there are many more people & jews in the usa. Norway probably has a few hundred jews left, with not much of a kehilla. the USA has many hundreds of communities in every state, in many thousands of cities, so by numbers there have been many more than 6 million yidden who have married out, and thats just in the USA.

  6. Intermarriage is the RESULT of the second holocaust. Reform ideas destroy the world.

    My brother intermarried. Our family is deteriorating. He acts uncivil. The kids may ever see a rabbi to discuss if they are jews. The reform pander them.

    A total sham. Ever feel a death threat? Its intermarriage.

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