MK Pindrus: LGBT More Dangerous Than Islamic Terrorists

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United Torah Judaism MK Yitzchok Pindrus said that toeivah relations were more dangerous than “the Islamic State, Hezbollah and Hamas,” in an interview with Channel 12 news.

“I realized that perhaps I hadn’t explained my message correctly, now I’m going to try to do it better. In my opinion, the most dangerous thing for the State of Israel – more than the Islamic State, Hezbollah and Hamas, is the decadence of forbidden relationships,” Pindrus declared.

He explained, “Because that’s what’s written in the Torah.”

According to Pindrus, it was his duty to personally prevent the Pride parade and stop the LGBT movement. He said that toeivah relations are “more dangerous than living without the Israeli army.”

“I must prevent [toeivah] pride and prevent this movement,”

He added, “This [LGBT community] is the most dangerous thing for the State of Israel.”

“That is why,” he asserted, “I need to not only prevent the Pride parade, but in general to prevent this movement,” which has been presumed to refer to the LGBTQ rights movement. Pindrus stated that “this is the most dangerous thing for the State of Israel.” –i24 News


  1. This whole LGBT movement is about getting the abominable housing, money, pay and high privileges. Biden is sick and no Orthodox Jew feels they can tumble our feelings on what is abominable.

    The sickness is that they use rainbows to give folks a look and any child under 3 will think that is just amazing.

    Honestly, I name them all queers.

  2. The most dangerous thing to the State of Israel is, of course, itself: Zionism and the State of Israel.

    It is also a Chillul Hashem for this member of parliament to imply that he wishes to preserve and enhance the State of Israel. The job of a chareidi MP is strictly to protect the interests of chareidim, not to be G-d and run His world and bolster the Zionist shmad state.

    To be very clear, G-d can protect all His children there equally easily both with or without the heretical and idolatrous State of Israel. Therefore, the Chareidi MPs should be looking only at how to protect Jews from the State, not how to bolster the State.

  3. Mazel tov! Better late than never.
    I was fighting the movement and “pride” parade in Yerushalaym 15 yrs ago.the charged pols did 0.
    Now when it’s ensconced
    for years 1 guy wakes up / says something but in negotiating coalition agreement with p.m. it’s mostly $$$ nothing about the massive multifaceted mishkav zochor agenda.
    Same thing in USA.
    So Rabbosai who is right going back FORTY YRS OF ASKANUS??!!


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