MLK’s Daughter: ‘God Can Triumph Over Trump’

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Bernice King, Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.’s youngest daughter, offered reassurances to those worried about the upcoming presidency of Donald Trump.

Speaking at the Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta on Monday, the holiday honoring her father, she urged those in attendance “not to be afraid of who sits in the White House.” “God can triumph over Trump,” she said in comments carried by Reuters.

She went on to offer praise to Rep. John Lewis, a legend of the civil-rights movement who was hit with harsh criticism by Trump after announcing plans to boycott his inauguration. In what appeared to be a subtle comeback to Trump’s claims Lewis was doing a bad job, with his district supposedly in “horrible shape” and “falling apart,” King expressed pride in the Georgia Democrat’s work. “Many of you here are proud residents of the 5th Congressional District and we are proud of the progress we have made here and in this city,” she said. Read more at THE HILL.



  1. Interesting! When was the last time liberals even mentioned G-d? It’s the Republican ticket who value religion! Secondly, why do they forget to mention that it was Lewis who started up with trump and caused division while trump merely stood up for himself? It is unbelievable how time after time their logic is so not sound?

    • Incorrect. It only applies to a white who is criticizing a black. The law clearly states that it can NEVER be the other way around. You better get your facts straight or you may be the next person charged with a hate crime.


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