Mnuchin On $600 Unemployment Benefit: We Can’t Be ‘Paying People More to Stay Home’

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Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin on Sunday threw cold water on the prospect of extending $600-per-week unemployment benefits for Americans for the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In an interview with ABC’s “This Week,” Mnuchin suggested that the payments, which expired last week, led to some out-of-work Americans being “overpaid” and indicated that he believed they were slowing the return of workers to the labor market.

“Unemployment is supposed to be wage replacement, so it should be tied to some percentage of wages,” he said. “The fact that we had a flat number was only an issue of an emergency where we had 30-year-old computer systems.”

“I think on the concept we absolutely agree on enhanced unemployment,” Mnuchin continued. “We want to fix the issue where in some cases people are overpaid, and we want to make sure there’s the right incentives [to get back to work].”

“In certain cases where we’re paying people more to stay home than to work, that’s created issues in the entire economy,” he added.

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  1. “can’t be paying people more to stay at home” you mean like when the Senate takes a 3 week recess on our tax dollars?

    • The sleazy politicians, from both parties, in this Country are the biggest welfare cheats that exist. They take our hard earned money and we get absolutely NOTHING in return. We really should consider shutting our corrupt one party deep state for good.

      Here’s How Much Less Congress Works Than You Do (33% (percent) of the year)
      The House is scheduled to be in session in Washington a total of 133 days this year. The Senate will be in session about the same amount or a few days more.
      But they’re still paid for the days they’re in recess –- and with a taxpayer-funded base salary of $174,000 a year, that amounts to about $16,000 for the summer break alone. And party leaders make even more.

  2. well maybe if the federal government took it seriously from the beginning and made people stay home the virus would be over already instead of spreading again

    • Trump didn’t take it seriously until the third week in March. Then he started pushing for an immediate reopen “by Easter” which in fact was the very time of the peak here in NYC. He coerced his cult follower Republican governors to reopen too early and those are most of the states that are experiencing massive increases in hospitalizations; in one county in Texas a death panel has been convened to decide which sick patients are to be denied care and sent home to die. That absolute horror is entirely on Trump and on his cult follower Gov. Abbott, who wouldn’t even allow local governments to mandate masks.

      The even worse horror is that allegedly frum Jews are okay with this!

  3. Easy solutiion: pay people to replace the 30-yr-old computer system, or to do computations by hand, as (I believe) is still taught in public school.


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