Moderna Vaccine Creates Twice As Many Antibodies As Pfizer: Research

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A study into the immune responses of the two mRNA COVID-19 vaccines found that Moderna’s vaccine created twice as many antibodies as the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine.

Researchers analyzed the antibody levels of Belgium health care workers after they received both doses of the vaccines, including 688 vaccinated with Moderna and 959 who received the Pfizer shots, in the study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association on Monday.

Among those who had not been previously infected, the Moderna recipients averaged 2,881 units per milliliter, compared to the Pfizer recipients who counted 1,108 units per milliliter.

Participants who previously contracted COVID-19 reported higher antibody levels, raising the overall average among all participants to 3,836 units per milliliter for Moderna and 1,444 units per milliliter for Pfizer.

The antibody levels in those who received Moderna were higher in infected, uninfected and across age categories, according to the study.

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  1. For thousands of years there was no concern about auntibodies unclebodies. Suddenly now this magic word “antibodies” appeared in order to fool the sheeple into injecting the toxic liquid for the new idol called antibodies. Thousands of gullible idiots have indeed become antibodies.

  2. Ah-haaa! That may help to understand why it’s resurfacing in Israel now with such a vengeance! For the most part Israel dispensed the Pfizer/BioNtech vaccine whereas most of NY got the Moderna.

  3. The more antibodies in the vccine, the more people got sick or died. Every person who took the non-placebo v accine, got sick, magnetic or died.

  4. ok, like 90 percent of the world, let me just read this entire article, and pretend it doesnt exist……………….DONE!

    Remember, you need 10 doctorates and 30 phd’s to offer an opinion on anything having to do with health, so……..shh!!!

    and in the wake of covid, every single other ailment is chopped liver and unimportant. Doctors dont care about anything anymore, unless its covid!

    I asked a doctor, “how do I know if I have blood clots?”
    he looked at me, and said, “you dont have blood clots.” What an amazing method of testing!!

    You couldn’t give me a free PHD and 1 million dollars to be a doctor. Never, ever, ever.


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