Modi’in Mayor: No To Chareidim

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Chareidi MKs think that one of the best solutions to the chareidi housing crisis is to build chareidi neighborhoods in regular towns, but Modi’in mayor Chaim Bibis will have none of it.

“I will not allow a chareidi takeover, I was not elected for this,” he said. “This is a pluralistic town. I saw what happened in Beit She’an when chareidi elements came in. I won’t support it.”

A UTJ official told Bechadrei Chareidim that “Bibis’s power in the Likud and his closeness to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu prevent us from advancing the integration of chareidim in mixed towns. Bibis, who is chairman of the local authority [of the Modi’in area], opposes the influx of chareidim to these towns.”

He added that chareidi MKs would not stop fighting for the issue.


  1. Before criticizing this guy, answer this, please – If YOU were the mayor of Modi’in, would YOU want another Beit Shemesh?

  2. Just curious to know what the reaction would be when we say we don’t want non religious in our neighborhood which by the way is for a good reason because we don’t want to corrupting influences

    • We’re talking about building separate neighborhoods, not moving INSIDE existing neighborhoods. Many cities have this, so why not some more?

  3. I’m not worried. When they built Arad, the founders had 2 stipulations. No blacks and no mezzyzahs on the doors. Well they got both, the Eithurains and the mezzyzahs on the doors around 15% of the city is Chassiday Gur. Bibis can say what he wants but ultimately Hashem gozer.

  4. Anonymous:
    You KNOW what the reaction would be because it happens all the time: speech after speech, article after article, editorial after editorial decrying us as hateful bigots trying to impose our medieval world-view on others. Hey, Yair Lapid rose his current position on that ridiculous canard of chareidim spitting on dati leumi girls just a few years ago… remember?

  5. Many agree with him.

    Are secular or Dati Leumi welcomed in Kiryat Sefer or Betar? Schools, nurseries & grand shul’s built by old timers , are then taken over my the incoming Charedi. Happened in Arad by the Gerr Chassidim & in Kiryat Hayovel. Just not a good mix!!!

    A city like Raanana with large Dati Leumi, traditional Sefardic, Bnei Akiva, hesder Yeshiva, secular & handful of Anglo Charedim lives peacefully. The same in Sderot.


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